Last 2 months I was really busy building the back-end of Enterfea. Finally, that is done, and now I can focus again on creating content and generally having fun!

As you may know, I’m not the biggest fan of how we teach engineering nowadays. I think that there is far too much theory in that, and way to little practice. This leads to a situation when a lot of people get tired of engineering, while to me it is a great fun! This is why I have created Enterfea, and why I am running it all this time.

I’m not really into new years resolutions, but I want to do something special this year:

The goal is to help you as much as possible, so you will gain confidence in what you do in FEA.

My hope is to hear from at least 100 engineers that thanks to this blog they gained confidence in the outcomes they get from the analysis. This is not an easy task, but I think that together we can make it!

I will do my best to develop such posts and guides and webinars that will develop your skills in FEA as quickly as possible, you will also seem me more often on video.

You can actually impact this goal. Just drop me an email ( with what you have problems with – I will do my best to cover that in one of the posts!

Also be sure to leave your email below – this way we will stay in touch, but also you will get a free course about FEA essentials I have prepared (for a good start!)

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