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Effective Company Training

Effective Company Training

Expand your team’s effectiveness with in-person and remote training, tailored to your specific needs in your areas of interest.

Imagine that the customer is calling and he does NOT care about the lowest price, but that it is your company that must carry out his order. He doesn’t want to hire anyone else, he only trusts you.

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Better use of software and
hardware you’ve already paid for


Shorter order processing time, and thus the possibility of executing more orders by the same team of engineers

of mind

Less errors, less risk and less cost of fatal mistakes (especially those discovered during the project implementation phase)

One better client is enough
for the training to pay for itself.

Gain new skills, and expand your options by training with us

What can we teach you

I prepare each training individually, taking into account the needs of a given company. So it is difficult to list all the issues, but the most frequently discussed ones are:

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. If you are interested in other issues, write to me [email protected]

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About me

Hi, I'm Łukasz Skotny

Following a Ph.D., 10+ years in industrial FEA design, and 10+ years in academia, I realized high-end, challenging designs were exactly what I wanted to focus on, helping clients get the complex, quality designs they need.

To share our knowledge of FEA design and help others expand their skills, we also provide in-person and online training to corporate teams and engineers.

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What Enterfea's Students Say

The training in advanced analysis of engineering structures using the FEA method conducted by Łukasz Skotny was carried out to the highest standard. In addition to the theoretical part, practical workshops were organized, where everyone could check the application of theoretical knowledge in practice. The whole training was a complete and coherent message and it can be directly implemented in everyday work, giving real benefits in the optimization of design solutions.

I took part in training taught by Łukasz. His knowledge and passion with which he shared his experience in structural design are impressive. Łukasz possesses excellent skill in many software packages for structural design (like RFEM and Robot) regarding their strengths, weaknesses, and best practices. The training itself was very professional with difficulty level adjusted to attendees.

On behalf of the entire Stress & Civil department SHI FW team, we thank you for a very substantive and understandable training. Łukasz is a very good trainer with high technical culture and very transparent knowledge transfer. He has a wide range of knowledge from thin-walled shell and plates analysis, which allows him to professionally prepare engineers for performing difficult GMNiA analyzes.