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YouTube Live Sessions

Yup, you heard this right! Soon I will get back to doing YouTube Live sessions! I really missed them, but the work on my website took a lot of time, and I had to pause those!

Have no fear – I’m going back on YouTube soon enough!

Join my YouTube Lives to:

  • Get New Ideas!

    and apply them in your daily work!

  • Ask your questions

    and find the answers you were looking for!

  • Save time on lerning

    and jump straight to important stuff

About me

Hey! I'm Łukasz Skotny

I’ve been actively working in FEA for way over a decade now, and I’ve been blogging and teaching FEA for at least 5 years now. Plus – I’ve been an academic teacher for 10 years!
And… I gladly share my experience, so join right in!

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What Enterfea’s customers say

Finally!!... straight-forward, practical explanations of FEA concepts that ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE! I wish I had taken this course years ago. It would have saved me tremendous amounts of time! As a bonus, the course is also entertaining and fun. Highly recommended!

This course replaced Netflix for many evenings and was probably more entertaining! Its easy-going atmosphere was much needed and a refreshing change in the world of structural engineering. Needless to say it didn't take any of the educational value away! I would add that I am a civil structural engineer and I am already using a lot of what I learned in my practice. I definitely encourage taking this course if you are in any way involved in FEA. Thank you for a great experience, l am looking forward to more!

Throughout this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about nonlinear analysis in FEA, which is not taught in any textbook. Starting with the most basic concepts, neat explanations, examples, and amazing challenges you will have all the tools to spread your wings in FEA and boost your career.

I definitely recommend Łukasz's course. It has a lot of easy-reading content and practical examples that explain major concepts of nonlinear analysis. This kind of plain and understandable explanation you won't find in any scientific book. I can honestly say it helped me to develop my structural engineer career.

Łukasz is one of the most passionate FEA analysts and a humble person I have ever seen. Anyone can tell his passion for nonlinear FEA through his online courses and blogs, and most importantly he is always there to clear my doubts.

The definitive training course for non-linear FEA. This course comprehensively covers how to approach non-linear static analysis in an easy to understand and fun manner.The lessons are well written and engaging and are complemented by a large number of practical example problems. Highly recommended!

A beautifully crafted experience for structural engineers who really want to understand the nonlinear effects and their interactions If you want to be an expert in FEA Design and engineering in general, there is just no way around this course and Łukasz's work in general. The methods of teaching the concepts are revolutionary and deliver the knowledge in a way, that it's just fun to learn and it really sticks.

This class offers clear guidelines that have made me more confident in the choices I make when using non linear stress analysis. The combination of clear explanations and worked examples makes this course extremely valuable for practicing engineers. I was able to use the skills learned in the course to get an experienced structural engineering position in a fascinating field.

Łukasz's approach to sharing knowledge about difficult matters proves his deep understanding of the subject. It makes it easy to approach a non-linear FEA without worrying about overwhelming formulas and "smart" words. There are many very well-presented examples to „learn by doing” with tricky tests, during which you can verify your own progress.

Nonlinear FEA Masterclass is an advanced course that gives you theoretical and practical knowledge to solve real complex engineering problems using numerical simulation. The secret ingredient of the course is Łukasz, he has an amazing teaching style, he is an FEA Master, and he really makes the difference. There's no better way to learn FEA.

Highly recommend the Breakthrough FEA Course and Nonlinear FEA Masterclass, especially to structural or mechanical engineers. Both are extensive courses containing explanations for each of the key sections involved in FEA design with examples. I began the breakthrough course 2 years post-graduate with minimal experience in FEA design. Following completion of the non-linear course, I felt confident enough to correctly model, interpret and validate results.

Applying knowledge from the course I already found errors in my modeling and the results of the calculation. I was always relying upon the result of the solver and trusting it so much... But double-check in manual simple calculation can save you also from trouble. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge in FEA. 10 thumbs up.

Great course! Real examples allow you to understand how everything works in the real world without complicated math. After a brief reading of articles from Lukasz, I immediately made a decision to get the Breakthrough FEA course to dive into the exciting world of finite element analysis. I have already applied received knowledge in my daily work with great success. I am very much looking forward to getting new courses from Lukasz!

I thought I had a solid knowledge of designing steel structures using FEA because I believed it was just comparing the stresses found in the FEA analysis with the yield strength of the steel. In 2019 I came across the Enterfea blog. From that day on, I started following all the posts and decided to enroll in the Breakthrough FEA course. I can say that the course has been a watershed in my career. Now I can say that I have developed solid knowledge in FEA analysis. The course is remarkable and has taken me to another level.

Your course is amazing and this is exactly what I was looking for. It is conceptual, practical, and application based. It's not mathematical and theoretical. Honestly, you have a very good, cheerful personality and that's why sessions are very interactive :)

Thank you for creating this FEA course. I found it very helpful and pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I am a design engineer manager and though I do not do FEA personally, I am often the point of contact for contracting out these services and wanted to have a better understanding of the process so that I could interact more effectively with my consultants and ensure that we were getting back the results we needed.

Łukasz explains the practical aspects of FEA in a very structured and easy to understand way. It helps the reader to understand the practical FEA in a very simple manner. I highly recommend his FEA course to anyone who is looking to enter into the field of FEA simulations and modeling.

I'm currently working with aerospace product development, and I have to use FEA tools almost every day at my job. I've already followed your articles on LinkedIn, but now I started your course and I'm writing to say how excellent the content is. You have the talent to turn 7-headed engineering monsters into simple and complete content, and I just want to thank you for that!!

The course is really interesting, it's really easy to understand the basic concepts without going deeply into the complicated theory. And the important part for me is, that it's really funny. Thank you!