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26 February 2017

What do you want to learn on Enterfea?

1 minutes read

Thank you for being here! I’m very happy that you visit my blog 🙂

Without you reading this, I would quit this blog a long time ago – it’s great to have you on board!

As you know I help steel designers in different fields to learn important skills in a practical way.

I want to help you to improve your designs, participate in more challenging projects and advance your career.

To do that I would love to know what topics interest you the most, so I can make Enterfea even better for you!

Please take this 4 questions / 60 seconds poll. It will be a great help!

Survey have only 4 questions – it will take you 60 sec!

+ There is a hidden bonus at the end 🙂

Vote here!

If there is anything else you wish to discuss, recommend or simply leave feedback please use the comments section below this post – I will respond to each and every one 🙂

Have a great day!


Author: Łukasz Skotny Ph.D.

I have over 10 years of practical FEA experience (I'm running my own Engineering Consultancy), and I've been an academic teacher for a decade. Here, I gladly share my engineering knowledge through courses, and on the blog!

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Comments (2)

Ziggy Gregory - 2018-02-09 03:50:24

Hi Łukasz

What are correct proportions for a plate, brick and a beam? What ratio of linear dimension for a plate makes correct results for the plate and when it should become a brick element, and similar question about a beam division - what is a correct ratio of section dimension to number of division?

Ziggy Gregory

Łukasz Skotny Ph.D. - 2018-02-09 07:52:13

Hey Ziggy!

I was taught that 10 times is the magic number. I.e. if the maximal cross-section dimension is 10x smaller than the length - this is a beam. The same goes for plates - if the thickness is 10 times smaller than the smallest dimension this is a shell.

However I always judge this "by the eye" - if you have doubts and you often meet similar problems maybe you should consider doing both plate and brick model and compare results... so you know for sure what to use?

All the best!


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