It’s worth developing your skills

Design work is more and more demanding:

  • Codes are getting really complicated (and longer!)
  • Design software has more advanced options (that no one can use!)
  • We create more complex designs than ever and optimize them to the borders of reason…
  • … and all that must be accomplished in a very short time

This all means we simply have to know even more…

Gain necessary skills!

You don’t have to go through a stack of theory manuals or go back at university. You can gain required skills in the easiest way on training led by practitioners.

Possible training topics

I prepare every training individually, taking into account Customer requirements. This makes it difficult to list all the topics, but the most common ones are:

  • Practical use of Eurocodes in design
  • Advanced static design
  • Structural stability
  • Imperfections in structural design
  • Usage of RFEM in design
  • Design of connections and assessment of their rigidity
  • Practical use of Finite Element Analysis in design
  • Advanced topics in FEA

Of course, this is not a closed list. If you are interested in other topics please write me an email (

Contact me

If you are interested in training please write me an email or call me.

I will gladly discuss details and help you to choose the best training scope for you!

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