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Rules for Presenting Content and Testimonials on Our Website

Transparent and honest communication with you is our priority! We kindly ask you to read the documents prepared for you. They contain the rules for presenting content on this website and the verification criteria that we follow when presenting customer opinions on our website.


We try to adapt the content presented on our website to the needs of website users and our clients. In this way, we want to save you time for time-consuming searches.

At this time, the content presented on my website (in terms of available courses for purchase) is… static! I just ordered the courses in a way I felt that makes the most sense for people visiting my website.

However, I would love to have more courses in the future, in which case I may use some sort of string algorithm of presenting them to users. If that will be the case, I will aim for the default sorting of products visible on the website to be a reflection of which products presented on the website will be the most often searched for and most popular, or those that will correspond to the results of your search.
This means that in the future the content presented to the website user may be influenced by how other, similar users behaved, what search was made by the user, and the question of matching the search results to the query.


On our website, you can read customer reviews about our products and/or services.

We know that opinions are important to you and we make every effort to ensure that they are based on the real feelings of our clients and entities with whom we cooperate.

The opinions presented on the website are verified by us and come only from people who have cooperated with us or used our products. On our website, you will not find opinions about our products and/or services created by us or at our request.

How do we verify reviews? For example, we contact the people who issued them with thanks or ask for permission to publish an opinion. If we are unable to verify the entity that issued the opinion, we do not post it on the website.

On the website, we present selected opinions that best reflect the principles of cooperation and give you the most information allowing you to make a decision to buy a product or cooperate with us.

Our rules and integrity do not allow us to do this. Our partnerships and products speak for themselves.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us, we will be happy to answer!