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Just getting started with Finite Element Method?

You want to advance or start your engineering career. You know that FEA is the most popular tool and that it can greatly serve you in your goal. You have a problem, however, a problem every beginner faces: Where to start and what to learn? There are so many possibilities, make sure not to waste time learning things that won’t be useful!

Learn here about the important basics you will need to start with FEA:

What is FEA for? – understanding what you can do and what you cannot do with FEA will greatly help you in learning. You will also learn how you can apply FEA with other engineering methods of solving problems.

Finite Element Analysis Workflow – Avoid a lot of error messages and tons of frustration. Learn how to define a FEA task from start to finish in this step by step guide.

Structural rigidity – To be great at FEA it’s not enough to be able to use the software. It is critical to understand basic engineering concepts such as structural rigidity. This knowledge will help you to define problems better and find the best solution much faster.

Boundary conditions case study – Boundary conditions are critically important in FEA. Learn how they can influence the outcomes of a case study I have made based on the project we finished some time ago.

Linear Buckling Analysis (LBA) – Stability is a very important problem. It is very important to know tools that will help you to avoid trouble. Learn about the most basic approach here!

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Already using FEA but wanting to expand your skills?

Finite Element Analysis is a tool with enormous possibilities. When you learn to comfortably use stress analysis it is best to approach nonlinear aspects of design. Nonlinear analysis is not only better, and give more accurate results. It also opens new possibilities, not only in FEA but also in your engineering career!

Learn about advanced FEA design:

Geometrically nonlinear analysis (GNA) – how does it work? – Such topics tend to be awfully theoretical, don’t they? Not this time! I’m using my favorite sweater to simply explain what geometrical nonlinearity is, and how you can use it to your advantage!

Materially nonlinear analysis (MNA) – everything you need to know – This time I’m using 3 guys and a heavy rock in a crazy example simply explaining what material nonlinearity is. I think you really should read that!

4 Main nonlinear material models – After you learned what materially nonlinear analysis do definitely read about different material models and how to define them! This will really come in handy!

Correct mesh size – a quick guide – Learn how to do a mesh convergence study in a simplified way. You won’t have to wonder if your mesh is “small enough” never again!

Solve issues with nonlinear analysis convergence – Convergence is one of the biggest problems in nonlinear FEA. Learn about analysis steering and avoid a lot of problems!

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Interested in advanced structural steel design?

Structural steel is a great field to work in. In times where optimization and complexity of the structures are common, you have to learn more! Read about complex problems and interesting issues. Use advanced software possibilities to aid you in design, and became an expert in structural steel!

Learn about advanced designed methods in structural steel:

Connection rigidity – 5 things you need to know – Connection rigidity is a hot topic in structural steel design right now. Learn all you need to know about to design your structures correctly!

Calculate critical bending moment using FEA – In easy cases there are equations giving you the value needed in the design of beams under bending. In more complex cases you are left alone. Not anymore! Learn how to calculate the critical bending moment of any case using simple FEA method!

How to check if a connection is a hinge – While designing we make a lot of assumptions. Sometimes it is critical to check if those assumptions are correct. Learn how to simply check if your connection is a hinge and avoid problems later!

Structural rigidity explained simply – Steel structures are really susceptible to issues with rigidity. Learn more about the phenomenon and design your structures safer!

Design your silos with FEA – it pays! – Finite Element Analysis is becoming popular in the structural field. And for a good reason! Read how much you can save on materials when FEA is employed in the design process of silos!

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