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Atypical Silos Designs

Atypical Silos Designs

I think, there are some silos we’ve designed that don’t really fit into the “normal silos” category!

The two I want to mention here, were special for various reasons.

The first one, was a set of several typical silos, that to this day swim on ships near the coast of Venezuela! Of course, this exposed them to various inclination of the ship deck, accelerations from motion and all sort of other wonderful challenges we could face in the design!

The second silos is a completely different story! This was a very simple structure, and I would definitely not list it as a case-study, if not for the fact that it was damaged during transportation!

Since significant dents in the shell were observed, a question arose, if such a structure could be used at all! And this is where nonlinear FEA (and some scripting!) shines the most!

I’ve wrote a script that modified my model geometry to perfectly fit with the measurements of the dents, and we were able to prove, that even with such damage silos can be safely used.

Project Takeaway:

With the right tools everything is doable. Two decades ago, the damaged silos would most likely had to be repaired, but thanks to nonlinear FEA, it was actually possible to prove, that repairs were not needed at all! This saved a lot of time (and money) to everybody involved.

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What Enterfea’s customers say

The first project we did with Enterfea was a silos design in 2015. Their non-linear FEA analyzes allowed to significantly reduce the costs of that project. Recently with the enormous support and commitment of Enterfea, we did a pressure vessel with imperfections design. Non-linear FEA analyzes allowed to save a project that seemed to be hopeless. The level of complexity and detail of analyzes provided by Enterfea always exceeds my expectations. Łukasz with his knowledge and commitment is a top-class expert in the field of FEA. Having 15 years of experience in the design industry, I can say that at the current level, Enterfea is no longer competing with the competition, they set new standards in the design projects and can only compete with themselves.

We have used Enterfea for a number of large steel tank designs. With the cost of raw materials increasing rapidly, it is vital for our customers that our designs are efficient whilst still being safe and code compliant. This is why Enterfera is so important. The level of detail involved in their complex non-linear analyses provide unrivaled value for money and the service is exceptional – Lukasz goes above and beyond to ensure any queries are answered even after a contract has been completed. His extensive knowledge of FEA gives us peace of mind that value is maximized and risk is mitigated as much as possible in our designs.

We have been working successfully with Enterfea for many years. Enterfea is always a reliable partner for the static design of our conveyor technology. In our current project, we are jointly developing a completely new, statically optimized conveyor system for integration into our standard.

Enterfea is performing all of the designs of silos for us with nonlinear FEA for over 5 years now, and we are very satisfied with the cooperation. Especially since our Customers appreciate the quality of the designs, which leads to more sales for us and no issues with verification of designs by the authorities.