Optimization of typical silo

Silos are the structures I enjoy the most. Even though I have designed a substantial amount of them, few deserve a special mention. This is one of those silos: a typical solution I optimized for one of my Customers.

Gravel sorting station in Kiesa

Kiesa project involved designing several conveyer supporting structures with additional supports and towers. It gave me occasion to not only to do interesting design, but also to manage a team in a relatively complex design.

ISO container

Designing ISO containers is definitely fun. This was the first time I did something according to DNV, which proved to be a great experience.

Silos for ash, Narva, Estonia

This was the first time when I used nonlinear FEA in silos design. It was a great experience altogether as it allowed me to use skills learned in PhD in “real life”.

Silos on ships in Venezuela

Silos on ships in Venezuela This is a project dear to my heart. This was just before I finished PhD and was quite the challenge at that time. Silos themselves were [...]