Numerical design of shells and thin-walled structures

Optymalizacja typowego silosu do składowania wybuchowych pyłów, analiza leja


Projektowanie kontenera ISO z analizą naprężeń w połączeniach


Numeryczna optymalizacja lejów w zakładzie przesiewającym żwir

Numerical design of shells and thin-walled structures

Shells and thin-walled structures are incredible and complex at the same time. You can find in them a lot of interesting engineering problems. Starting from stability issues, going through material nonlinearities and ending with fatigue.

Design of such structures is a challenge that we gladly take.

We offer full scope of numerical design of such structures:

  • Linear Bifurcation Analysis

  • Geometrically nonlinear analysis

  • Materially nonlinear analysis

  • Contact problems

  • Imperfection sensitivity studies

  • Calculations is accordance to EN 1993 (needed i.e. when you want to use a CE marking)

  • Calculations according to DNV

Design and optimization of serial products
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