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The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

Gain Knowledge and Practical Skills needed to
Elevate Your Designs and Career to the Next Level

All you need to know, to:

  • Perform Structural Nonlinear FEA Analysis on an Expert-Level
  • Deeply Understand FEA, and have Confidence in Your Outcomes
  • Avoid Costly and Stressful Mistakes

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What Holds You Back from Mastering Nonlinear FEA?

Software tutorials pretend to be FEA courses?

But instead of learning how to properly do Nonlinear FEA and analyze outcomes, you learn where to click to get a colorful picture.

There are no good practical examples

It’s impossible to find materials, that would dive deep into the complex world of Nonlinear FEA Design in real applications.

Teaching is based on unnecessary theory

Traditional sources will bog you down with complex mathematics completely missing the practical aspects of Nonlinear FEA.

There is just not enough time to learn

Developing practical skills based on aviable resources can take long years, and you simply don’t have so much time to invest?

Nonlinear FEA Masterclass solves all of those problems for you, and allows you to gain practical skills without the unnecessary roadblocks and frustration!

If you feel that your FEA Designs could be better…
You are 100% correct

And you are in a great place, to learn all that you need to become more efficient, confident, and to raise your FEA skills to a whole New Level!

Why Enginners Love The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

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Master Nonlinear FEA
by learning all you need to know about:

Here, you can check a Detailed Course Content List

What you can Expect from Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

This course will guide you from “I do FEA, but I’m not sure about so many things” to the profound understanding of Nonlinear FEA and confidence to use it in structural design

Gain In-Demand
Practical Skills

Learn how to use Nonlinear FEA and know you’re doing it right.

Build Your

Take on more interesting and complex projects.

Expand Career

Make your skills and yourself more valuable.


Skip complex math and theory and learn the skills you need

Actually Enjoy

Learn through a gamified, fun course — without the boring stuff.

Invest Hours,
Not Years

Get a deep understanding of Nonlinear FEA quickly.

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Check out the demo lessons:

What do you get in the Course Price?

Nonlinear FEA Masterclass is so much more than just lessons!

11 Course Modules

A complete learning program guiding you step by step with
50+ lessons and 15 examples

Files for Examples

You can download example models geometry as .stp, .parasolid and other popular formats

Test what you’ve learned

You will be able to see for yourself how much you have learned, thanks to quizzes in each module

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to course content, to revisit lessons and use them as guides in your work

Live Meetings

As a bonus you get a yearly access to bi-weekly office hours where you can to ask your question live

Closed Community

As a bonus you get a yearly access to the dedicated forum to discuss your problems and ideas

New Content

You have lifetime access to all the additional content I might add later to the course

Learn how you like!

You have access to the course materials 24/7 from everywhere – all you need is the internet access

My involvement

I’m constantly working behind the scenes to help you gain as much as possible from the course!

About the Author of the Course

Łukasz Skotny Ph.D.

I’m an FEA consultant, and academic teacher. I have been involved with FEA for more than 10 years now which included various projects in at least 20 countries on 6 continents (and a Ph.D. thesis!).

When I got hooked in FEA I realized how scarce good materials were. I have spent long nights in frustration learning everything with trial and error.

Thanks to my experience both in applied FEA and academic teaching I’m creating this course so you can avoid this frustration. FEA is a wonderful tool that can have a tremendous impact on your career – give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Why Enginners Love
The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

Throughout this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about nonlinear analysis in FEA, which is not taught in any textbook.

Starting with the most basic concepts, neat explanations, examples, and amazing challenges you will have all the tools to spread your wings in FEA and boost your career.

Edson Zofrea Gusmões
Civil Engineer, Specialist Engineer II, Brazil

I definitely recommend Łukasz’s course. It has a lot of easy-reading content and practical examples that explain major concepts of nonlinear analysis.

This kind of plain and understandable explanation you won’t find in any scientific book. I can honestly say it helped me to develop my structural engineer career.

Jakub Drozdowski
Hull Structure Designer, NavArt, Poland

Łukasz is one of the most passionate FEA analysts and a humble person I have ever seen.

Anyone can tell his passion for nonlinear FEA through his online courses and blogs, and most importantly he is always there to clear my doubts.

Tontanga Kothilngam
WEBS SYSTEM KOREA, Republic of Korea

The definitive training course for non-linear FEA. This course comprehensively covers how to approach non-linear static analysis in an easy to understand and fun manner.

The lessons are well written and engaging and are complemented by a large number of practical example problems. Highly recommended!

Mike Beaumont
Senior Structural Engineer / Onyx Projects / Australia

A beautifully crafted experience for structural engineers who really want to understand the nonlinear effects and their interactions

If you want to be an expert in FEA Design and engineering in general, there is just no way around this course and Łukasz’s work in general.

The methods of teaching the concepts are revolutionary and deliver the knowledge in a way, that it’s just fun to learn and it really sticks.

Stefan Pumberger
Structural Engineer, Austria

This class offers clear guidelines that have made me more confident in the choices I make when using non linear stress analysis.

The combination of clear explanations and worked examples makes this course extremely valuable for practicing engineers.

I was able to use the skills learned in the course to get an experienced structural engineering position in a fascinating field.

Brian Mathews
Taylor Power Systems, United States of America

Łukasz’s approach to sharing knowledge about difficult matters proves his deep understanding of the subject.

It makes it easy to approach a non-linear FEA without worrying about overwhelming formulas and “smart” words.

There are many very well-presented examples to „learn by doing” with tricky tests, during which you can verify your own progress.

Artur Dziuda
Structural engineer, Altum, Poland

Nonlinear FEA Masterclass is an advanced course that gives you theoretical and practical knowledge to solve real complex engineering problems using numerical simulation.

The secret ingredient of the course is Łukasz, he has an amazing teaching style, he is an FEA Master, and he really makes the difference. There’s no better way to learn FEA.

Claudio Curreri
Mechanical engineer at Italgru S.r.l, Italy

Highly recommend the Breakthrough FEA Course and Nonlinear FEA Masterclass, especially to structural or mechanical engineers.

Both are extensive courses containing explanations for each of the key sections involved in FEA design with examples.

I began the breakthrough course 2 years post-graduate with minimal experience in FEA design. Following completion of the non-linear course, I felt confident enough to correctly model, interpret and validate results.

Jayden Cook
Structural Engineer at Wave International, Queensland Australia

Your Investment in Becoming
a Nonlinear FEA Expert

Right now, you can purchase The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass, gaining a whole new skill set to boost your career—and gain a renewed love for engineering!

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The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

  • 11 modules focusing only on practical aspects of FEA
  • 50+ value-packed written lessons to boost your learning
  • 15 Examples with over 13.5h of video content
  • 11 tests to challange you and grow your confidence
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • No Risk! – 30-day Refund Guarantee
  • BONUS: Yearly access to bi-weekly office hours and community of engineers just like you

  • Each user will get a private named account
  • Discount depends on the amount of purchased seats
  • Please email me names and emails of participants
  • Of course, if you will provide your company data, you will receive an invoice

Boost the FEA capabilities of your team and sign up today

NO RISK! 30-Day Purchase Refund Guarantee!

I’m absolutely sure that my Nonlinear FEA Masterclass will meet (and even exceed!) your expectations. This is why I give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you won’t like the course for any reason and you will want to return it, I will refund you the purchase. You have 30 days from the purchase date to return the course – simply send me an email and I will make it done – without any drama : )