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The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

Gain Knowledge and Practical Skills needed to
Elevate Your Designs and Career to the Next Level

All you need to know, to:

  • Perform Structural Nonlinear FEA Analysis on an Expert-Level
  • Deeply Understand FEA, and have Confidence in Your Outcomes
  • Avoid Costly and Stressful Mistakes

Join 400+ Engineers benefiting from my Online Courses!

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May 25, 2022

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What Holds You Back from Mastering Nonlinear FEA?

Software tutorials pretend to be FEA courses?

But instead of learning how to properly do Nonlinear FEA and analyze outcomes, you learn where to click to get a colorful picture.

There are no good practical examples

It’s impossible to find materials, that would dive deep into the complex world of Nonlinear FEA Design in real applications.

Teaching is based on unnecessary theory

Traditional sources will bog you down with complex mathematics completely missing the practical aspects of Nonlinear FEA.

There is just not enough time to learn

Developing practical skills based on aviable resources can take long years, and you simply don’t have so much time to invest?

Nonlinear FEA Masterclass solves all of those problems for you, and allows you to gain practical skills without the unnecessary roadblocks and frustration!

If you feel that your FEA Designs could be better…
You are 100% correct

And you are in a great place, to learn all that you need to become more efficient, confident, and to raise your FEA skills to a whole New Level!

What you can Expect from Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

This course will guide you from “I do FEA, but I’m not sure about so many things” to the profound understanding of Nonlinear FEA and confidence to use it in structural design

Gain In-Demand
Practical Skills

Learn how to use Nonlinear FEA and know you’re doing it right.

Build Your

Take on more interesting and complex projects.

Expand Career

Make your skills and yourself more valuable.


Skip complex math and theory and learn the skills you need

Actually Enjoy

Learn through a gamified, fun course — without the boring stuff.

Invest Hours,
Not Years

Get a deep understanding of Nonlinear FEA quickly.

Sign Up for the Waiting List!Course Launches on May 25, 2022

Master Nonlinear FEA
by learning all you need to know about:

Why Choose
The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

learn by doing: no complex math or boring theory

15 real examples to give you practical skills in FEA

check what you’ve learned with fun quizzes

practical skills you can implement right away

Comprehensive content making you understand

50+ value-packed lessons efficient and easy to digest

Sign Up for the Waiting List!Course Launches on May 25, 2022

Check out the demo lessons:

Part of Example 9 Video

What do you get in the Course Price?

Nonlinear FEA Masterclass is so much more than just lessons!

11 Course Modules

A complete learning program guiding you step by step with
50+ lessons and 15 examples

Files for Examples

You can download example models geometry as .stp, .parasolid and other popular formats

Test what you’ve learned

You will be able to see for yourself how much you have learned, thanks to quizzes in each module

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to course content, to revisit lessons and use them as guides in your work

Live Meetings

As a bonus you get a yearly access to bi-weekly office hours where you can to ask your question live

Closed Community

As a bonus you get a yearly access to the dedicated forum to discuss your problems and ideas

New Content

You have lifetime access to all the additional content I might add later to the course

Learn how you like!

You have access to the course materials 24/7 from everywhere – all you need is the internet access

My involvement

I’m constantly working behind the scenes to help you gain as much as possible from the course!

About the Author of the Course

Łukasz Skotny Ph.D.

I’m an FEA consultant, and academic teacher. I have been involved with FEA for more than 10 years now which included various projects in at least 20 countries on 6 continents (and a Ph.D. thesis!).

When I got hooked in FEA I realized how scarce good materials were. I have spent long nights in frustration learning everything with trial and error.

Thanks to my experience both in applied FEA and academic teaching I’m creating this course so you can avoid this frustration. FEA is a wonderful tool that can have a tremendous impact on your career – give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Why Enginners Love
The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

Finally!!… straight-forward, practical explanations of FEA concepts that ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE! I wish I had taken this course years ago. It would have saved me tremendous amounts of time! As a bonus, the course is also entertaining and fun. Highly recommended!

This course replaced Netflix for many evenings and was probably more entertaining! Its easy-going atmosphere was much needed and a refreshing change in the world of structural engineering. Needless to say it didn’t take any of the educational value away! I would add that I am a civil structural engineer and I am already using a lot of what I learned in my practice. I definitely encourage taking this course if you are in any way involved in FEA. Thank you for a great experience, l am looking forward to more!

Highly recommend the Breakthrough FEA Course and Nonlinear FEA Masterclass, especially to structural or mechanical engineers interested in the design of bins, silos & hoppers. Both are extensive courses containing videos and text explanations for each of the key sections involved in FEA design with examples. I began the breakthrough course 2 years post-graduate with minimal experience in FEA design. Following completion of the non-linear course, I felt confident enough to correctly model, interpret and validate results.

Applying knowledge from the course I already found errors in my modeling and the results of the calculation. I was always relying upon the result of the solver and trusting it so much… But double-check in manual simple calculation can save you also from trouble. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge in FEA. 10 thumbs up.

Great course!
Real examples allow you to understand how everything works in the real world without complicated math.
After a brief reading of articles from Lukasz, I immediately made a decision to get the Breakthrough FEA course to dive into the exciting world of finite element analysis.
I have already applied received knowledge in my daily work with great success.
I am very much looking forward to getting new courses from Lukasz!

I thought I had a solid knowledge of designing steel structures using FEA because I believed it was just comparing the stresses found in the FEA analysis with the yield strength of the steel.
In 2019 I came across the Enterfea blog. From that day on, I started following all the posts and decided to enroll in the Breakthrough FEA course.
I can say that the course has been a watershed in my career. Now I can say that I have developed solid knowledge in FEA analysis. The course is remarkable and has taken me to another level.

Your course is amazing and this is exactly what I was looking for. It is conceptual, practical, and application based. It’s not mathematical and theoretical. Honestly, you have a very good, cheerful personality and that’s why sessions are very interactive 🙂

Thank you for creating this FEA course. I found it very helpful and pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I am a design engineer manager and though I do not do FEA personally, I am often the point of contact for contracting out these services and wanted to have a better understanding of the process so that I could interact more effectively with my consultants and ensure that we were getting back the results we needed.

Łukasz explains the practical aspects of FEA in a very structured and easy to understand way. It helps the reader to understand the practical FEA in a very simple manner. I highly recommend his FEA course to anyone who is looking to enter into the field of FEA simulations and modeling.

I’m currently working with aerospace product development, and I have to use FEA tools almost every day at my job. I’ve already followed your articles on LinkedIn, but now I started your course and I’m writing to say how excellent the content is. You have the talent to turn 7-headed engineering monsters into simple and complete content, and I just want to thank you for that!!

The course is really interesting, it’s really easy to understand the basic concepts without going deeply into the complicated theory. And the important part for me is, that it’s really funny. Thank you!

Your Investment in Becoming
a Nonlinear FEA Expert

Right now, you can purchase The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass, gaining a whole new skill set to boost your career—and gain a renewed love for engineering!

First Edition Starts on: May 25, 2022

The Nonlinear FEA Masterclass

  • 11 modules focusing only on practical aspects of FEA
  • 50+ value-packed written lessons to boost your learning
  • 15 Examples with over 13.5h of video content
  • 11 tests to challange you and grow your confidence
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • BONUS: Yearly access to bi-weekly office hours and comunnity of engineers just like you

  • Each user will get a private named account
  • Discount depends on the amount of purchased seats
  • Please email me names and emails of participants
  • Of course, if you will provide your company data, you will receive an invoice

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