Meshing Online Course

Meshing Online Course

Learn how to choose correct mesh for your models

over 60 pages + 4.5h video + bonus content

Speed up your work and avoid critical mistakes!

The wrong mesh can lead to very long computing times of your models… or very wrong analysis outcomes! But it doesn’t have to be that way!

To deal with that you need to understand what are the difference between elements, which are better suited for your task, and how to verify if you have a correct mesh size and good mesh quality. All of those things do not require you to dig through tomes of math equations… and this is why I’ve created this course!

What you will learn in the course:

Types of Finite Elements

  • Beam/Plate/Solid Elements
  • Rigid Body Elements
  • Element performance comparisons

Higher Order Elements

  • What do higher order elements do?
  • 1st vs 2nd order elements comparison
  • When to use 2nd order Elements?

Proper Mesh Size

  • Choosing proper mesh size
  • Practical case-study
  • Meshing challenges!

Connecting Elements

  • Beam to plate connection
  • Plate to solid connection
  • Model simplifications

Practical Examples

  • See how this is done!
  • Over 1.5h of meshing examples
  • Practical meshing tips and tricks!

Mesh Quality

  • What Jacobian is?
  • Other useful quality measures
  • A bit of meshing mathematics

How this course is organized

This is a self-paced course, and you have access to all available material from the start. The content of each lesson is divided into topics (40+ in total). Each topic has a short 5-15 min video and a text version. Examples are divided into shorter videos as well, each describing one stage of FEA work (geometry, meshing etc.).

You can learn even if you only have few minutes a day!

Available lessons are described below. In future updates, I will add few additional examples!

Start learning today

Meshing online course

Meshing course

  • Finite Element types
  • Higher order elements
  • Rigid Body Elements
  • Proper Mesh Size
  • Practical Examples
  • Mesh Quality
  • Bonus content + case studies!
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Is this content also a part of the Breakthrough FEA course you also sell?


This course contains THE SAME information as the Meshing Module of the Breakthrough FEA course (and parts of the examples and other lessons from that course).

This means that if you already have the “big” Breakthrough FEA course, you should not but this one… there is no need!

I’ve separated meshing as a standalone course mostly because several people asked me if it is possible to buy modules separately!

Also, if you will buy this course, and you will like it enough to buy the whole Breakthrough FEA course, no worries. Inside Meshing online course you will find a discount code, so you won’t pay for the meshing content twice!

If I buy the Breakthrough FEA course later will I pay for the meshing content twice?

Of course not!

In the Meshing Online course, there is a discount code for the entire Breakthrough FEA course. 

If you like the course enough to buy the whole thing you won’t pay for meshing twice!

How long will I have the access to the course?

Finite element analysis course

Your access to the course has no limit. As long as the course exists you will have an access to it : )

What FEA software do you use?

Finite element analysis course

All examples are made in Femap with NX Nastran. However, you should be able to follow them in any software assuming you have a very basic knowledge of it!

If you want to, you can get a 30 days trial version of Femap and simply use the same software as I do.

Who is this course for?

I have created this course with professionals and engineering graduates (civil, mechanical, aerospace etc.) in mind.

If you feel that your practical knowledge about meshing could be better, you are in the right place.

This course focuses deeply on the practical aspects of choosing proper elements, mesh size and estimating mesh quality. Heavy emphasis is placed on practical usage and gaining skills rather than mathematics and deriving equations used by your FEA solver.

If you want to simply gain knowledge about how to use mesh properly and what to watch out for to avoid trouble, this is the course for you.

Who is this course not for?

This course teaches you how to mesh your models in FEA. If this doesn’t interest you… well you already know the answer right : )

But also, meshing is usually taught with a lot of mathematics. I focus here on the very practical aspects of this. If you want to write your own solver and are mostly interested in equations and how to program them, this course will likely disappoint you.

How is the course organized?

This is an online on-demand course.

After purchase, you get access (login and password) to the course platform.

Course content is divided into several parts, some of those are divided further into smaller topics if necessary. Each topic contains a video and text version. There are also pre-recorded meshing examples.

If you like you can also provide your first name and email, and there is an email sequence that will guide you through the course, prompt you to action etc. This is however up to you if you are interested in such help, and you don’t have to use the email sequence to access the course (but I would encourage you to use that email guide).

There is around 26.5k words written for the course (a short novel!) and over 4.5h video content (including over 1.5h of examples).

Is there a way to ask questions during the course?

Yes of course!

There is a dedicated forum for course students, but you can also simply email me if you prefer : )

About the author

I’m Łukasz Skotny, FEA consultant, and academic teacher. I have been involved with FEA for more than 10 years now which included various projects in at least 20 countries on 4 continents (and a Ph.D. thesis!).

When I got hooked in FEA I realized how scarce good materials were. I have spent long nights in frustration learning everything with trial and error.

Thanks to my experience both in applied FEA and academic teaching I’m creating this course so you can avoid this frustration. FEA is a wonderful tool that can have a tremendous impact on your career – give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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