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GDPR Information Clause

Welcome to my “information clause”!

This is something I needed to prepare to be compliant with GDPR law in European Union. If you really like to punish yourself while reading boring documents you can learn more here (or just google for GDPR 2016/679 text) : )

What you will learn below:

By subscribing to my blog you provide me with your personal data. In this document I describe how I will use your data in a simple and understandable way. No worries – it won’t be as long as you might suspect : )

In the EU law there is a part (article 13 to be precise) that details what should be given here : )

Hi, my name is…

Since you already told me your name it’s only fair to give you my data as well.

My name is Łukasz Skotny, and I have a company (sounds like a support group hello…). I’m an administrator of your personal data provided on Enterfea. Below is the contact data you can use if you will feel like contacting me:

Enterfea Łukasz Skotny, ul. Skrzydlata 1/7, 54-129 Wrocław, POLAND

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +48 781 543 957

I know that you can find this info on my web page easily… but the EU told me to put it here as well, so I did as I am a law-abiding citizen : )

Why do I process your data and on what legal ground

The boring stuff: I process your data based on your consent given according to “GDPR”: EU 2016/679 Article 6 Section 1 Letter a (it’s neat to be so precise huh…)

I use your data to send you emails “from my blog”. In short, I will call them a newsletter. Once in a while, you will get an email from me about a new article on the blog, or maybe I will ask you what you would like me to write about or just say hello. You will also be able to participate in free email courses (I guess you are subscribing to get one of those : ) ).

Of course, I don’t run this show just for giggles (but I admit it’s a rather big part). I also sell more complex courses that I’ve created (and will create later). I may even sell other stuff later. Not to mention that I do company training, live events, and more. This means that some of the emails will be marketing things I sell. The funny thing is that all of what I do is actual marketing – even my blog itself is just one big advertisement of my teaching skills aimed to convince you to buy my course/training/whatever. You know… I have a family to feed : )

Last but not least, I observe what people do on my website and what emails from me will you read. Based on that I make decisions on what to write about next. If you will be inactive for quite some time I might write to you to ask if everything is ok, if you will be active a lot I might send you an email just to get in touch. Maybe I will decide to give a special offer (like a discount) to people who read a certain article within 3 days of its publishing (or whatever). This means that I’m “processing your personal data”, as I can attach what you do on my webpage to you. Actually, a lot of this happens automatically, as the system, I use for emails automatically checks if you opened an email or not for instance.

How long will I keep your personal data

If you unsubscribe from the blog your data are deleted after that. I will do it as quickly as technically possible for me. If you would like this to happen very quickly – no problem. Just drop me an email ([email protected]) and I will manually delete your account (meaning you won’t go through the “unsubscribe process”).

Who gets your personal data from me

I use services called Drip (www.drip.com) and ConvertKit (https://convertkit.com/) to send my newsletter. This company’s business is to provide a platform for doing such things. They have a really good security and privacy policy in my opinion and I think they are trustworthy.

Technically I “administer” your personal information, but opt-in forms on my blog are powered by Drip and ConvertKit. So when you enter your email it goes to their system that stores it for me.

Legally speaking this means I gave them your personal information (even though I don’t even see them outside of those services : ) ).

Furthermore, Drip and ConvertKit as far as I know are in the US. This means that if you are an EU citizen I actually send your information overseas to the United States of America. There is a chance this is not the case. Both services easily can have servers in Europe in which case this is not the case. But I’d rather write it here just to point out that it is a possibility. I have an agreement with Drip and ConvertKit regarding our cooperation – you can read their terms of service here and here.

You have the right to…

Well definitely you don’t have to remain silent (even more – I strongly encourage comments and writing emails to me!)… but still, there are things you have the right to:

  • Request from me the access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data
  • You can restrict processing concerning your data or you can object to processing your data
  • You have a right to your data portability if this is technically doable and not excessively troublesome
  • You can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
  • You have the right to change your mind and withdraw your consent anytime. This means that whatever I have sent you while your consent was granted is ok, but I won’t be able to send you anything else. You do this simply by unsubscribing (there is a link to unsubscribing in the footer of every email). You can also send me an email at [email protected] and I will remove you “manually”.

Furthermore, if I will decide to use your personal data for something else not described here… I will have to ask you about that first. Makes sense right?

Additional remarks required by GDPR

Yea, this is so important that I wasn’t really able to write a witty headline here :/

The data you provide me is needed for me to provide the services for you. I.e. if you want to get an email from me – I need to know your email. If you want to buy something from me you need to give me an address because I need it for the tax rules. Drip and ConvertKit track which emails you open etc. so I’m technically profiling you all the time.

If you won’t provide me this data… I won’t be able to do whatever you wanted to achieve (like subscribing, buying something, etc.). So a consequence of not providing your data is that… nothing will happen. By this I mean I won’t send you anything, provide you with anything, etc.

Dude, I’m watching!

As I wrote before I do watch what you do here (with the emails and on my webpage). Drip and ConvertKit do a lot of that automatically, but I also tag you when you read something or visit a page on my webpage, etc. This way I can i.e. check how many people read about different topics to decide which topics are more interesting for you guys!

But of course, I will be able to also decide which course to advertise for you, based on what you read about, etc. This is called “profiling” and I’m doing it.

Drip and ConvertKit are so cool that I can also automate that profiling which means that I’m not only “profiling” you but I’m also “automatically profiling” you.

What it means is, that if you read a lot of articles about basic stuff you will get an offer to buy a basic FEA course (who knows… maybe even with a discount : ) ). If you read a lot about nonlinear things, you will get an email with an offer for a nonlinear course, etc.

Thanks for reading

I must admit that I haven’t copy-pasted this from another website… I actually opened this GDPR thing and wrote whatever they say I should have written. It wasn’t even as bad an experience as I initially assumed.

The fact that you actually read this… I haven’t seen this coming O.o

If you actually read the whole thing send me an email about it in your spare time. Who knows, maybe I will be able to give you a discount or something for the things I sell… just to say thank you : )

If you have any more questions let me know. You can easily reach me at: [email protected]

Have a great day!