I just wanted to share that Enterfea is featured on “e-Mosty” online magazine!

This is a really nice recognition, and it feels great to be there with all the other great stuff.

If you are interested in bridges, I think you should give the magazine a read 🙂

About the e-mosty journal

The magazine „e-mosty“ is a quarterly issued, peer-reviewed, interactive (electronic) international magazine about bridge engineering. (ISSN: E-MOSTY 2336-8179).

It is published on www.e-mosty.cz and you can read it free of charge (you can also subscribe).

The magazines stay available on-line on their website, and you can also download it as PDF : )

It brings original articles about significant bridges and bridge engineers from around the world. What is great is, that it is “electronic” which means that there are high-quality photos, videos incl. YouTube, drawings, links etc. This makes things much more interesting and convenient for the reader : )

I really like the passion Magda (chief editor) has toward this work and bridges in general. There is a lot of important technical information there, but also somehow she manages to capture the grace and beauty of the structures. What is worth mentioning is that the magazine was founded in early 2015 – a solid piece of history there : )

What is fascinating is that Magda managed to gather an Editorial Board with bridge engineers and experts from the UK, US and Australia. This really makes this an unique thing, but also shows her (and Editors) devotion toward shared passion – which is great!

I think e-mosty are going toward a great success with the number of readers and subscribers increasing fast worldwide.

If you are a bridge engineers, designers, constructors, managers of construction company or you simply love bridges – give it a ready : )

If you are searching for media support for important bridges and other relevant conferences send Magda an email – I’m sure she will gladly help you out : )