About Łukasz Skotny

Łukasz Skotny is the owner of Enterfea. This company is somewhat an extension of his dreams. Dreams about better engineering worldwide, but also about self development and reaching more and more distant goals. Łukasz strongly believe that engineering is a beautiful art - he tries to deepen his knowledge to see more of that beauty, but also share this view on this blog by explaining what he finds interesting in engineering and FEA.

Enterfea is featured on e-mosty!

By |November 13th, 2017|Events|

Hey! I just wanted to share that Enterfea is featured on "e-Mosty" online magazine! This is a really nice recognition, and it feels great to be there with all the other great stuff. If you are interested in bridges, I think you should give the magazine a read :) About the e-mosty journal The magazine [...]

Symmetry in FEA may be dangerous

By |August 15th, 2017|Nonlinear FEA|

Symmetry in FEA is great, as it reduces the size of the task. This, in turn, shortens the computing time. Computing time is still a big issue, especially when you run complex models. Without a doubt, this is why using symmetry in FEA is so popular. There is a catch to this, however, as you [...]

Enterfea on holidays!

By |July 19th, 2017|Events|

I'm on holidays! This means I'm not as active as I usually am, but also that I'm gathering strength for new things to come :) Everything will be back on track in 3 weeks. So stay tuned! If you can't wait and want to read something interesting from my resources, why don't you start here? [...]