Engineering is an art, art that I love. I think it is very hard today to be a good structural engineer. Everything is done faster than ever, with less resources and scarce information. Most companies don’t even care if you develop your skills, as long as you do your projects quick enough.

Learning by yourself is quite hard and time consuming. Most books about structural design are very theoretical and not based on real life problems. Materials for Finite Element Method are full of complex math formulations that only make things seem more complicated. I don’t think this is a way you should learn things!

I always felt that to be a good driver I don’t have to be able to build an engine myself!

What’s in it for you?

Enterfea will provide you with all you need to know to develop your engineering skills. I will explain all the complex problems in simple way, based on real life examples from my designs. You will find a lot of useful tutorials here, where I show you all the necessary parameters to run various FEA calculations, and discuss in detail what things influence outcomes. I will also do my best to show you the complexity and beauty of true engineering by presenting more advanced engineering concepts is a easy to understand way.

Why me?

I have been teaching “steel structures” at University for almost 10 years now. For all that time I have also designed different things all over the world. Since my PhD I fell in love with Finite Element Method, and I have been learning more and more about it ever since! I’m not a “math guy”, and I could not write my own FEA solver without much pain (and several books and guides!).

Most of the things I know comes from trial and error… which means I have seen most error messages any reasonable solver can produce! On another hand I’m old school both in teaching and in learning: I strongly believe that if you can’t explain structural problem using real-life things (like pencils, cans, rubber bands etc.) this simply mean you don’t understand the problem well enough!

Where to start?

If you want to enhance your structural engineering and FEA skills you are in a good place. Everything I do here (and my work at University) is strongly grounded in my love for the art of engineering. I deeply hope that my work will help you learn more!

You can easily start learning with one of my free FEA courses. With it, you will also get a weekly email with the most important things I have written so far, organized and structured into a series of mini – courses. This way you can start learning without digging through the archives!

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