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Enterfea is a team of passionate engineers

For many years we deal with the most difficult engineering tasks, simply because we enjoy them most. Thanks to our experience in design backed up with knowledge gained at our work at Wrocław University of Science and Technology we are able to cope with any challenge.

Work of the members of our team resulted in some impressive structures

Many of our Customers can produce elements and products that were optimized in our company.

Optimization of typical silo

Silos are the structures I enjoy the most. Even though I have designed a substantial amount of them, few deserve a special mention. This is one of those silos: a typical solution I optimized for one of my Customers.

Gravel sorting station in Kiesa

Kiesa project involved designing several conveyer supporting structures with additional supports and towers. It gave me occasion to not only to do interesting design, but also to manage a team in a relatively complex design.

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We offer:

Numerical design of shells and thin-walled structures

Design and optimization of serial products

Numerical design and FEA analysis

Static and dynamic design of structures

Dedicated training

Training and courses online

Because we love teaching we also run courses and trainings

If you would like to gain new skills or refresh knowledge about something you may be sure that we will gladly help you. Since we are designing things on a daily basis in our training we try to avoid unnecessary theory.

We focus on most important basics and practical skills.

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We share our knowledge very willingly,
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